caramel dip

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  • Caramel Dip


    Condiment of Black Kutsinta, Kutsinta Medley, Ube-Langka Kutsinta, Ube Kutsinta 3 oz

  • Kucharon Kakanin Black Kutsinta (Frozen)



    Soft and chewy rice cake with caramel sauce made into perfection! Irresistibly good, one bite is not enough! You’ll surely love this!

    Weight: 340 grams

    Ideal for sharing

    Packed in 500mL microwaveable container. Vacuum sealed.

    See reheating instructions

    Shelf-Life: 8-10 weeks kept frozen

    Handling and Storage: Keep Frozen

    Allergen: milk

  • Ube Langka Kutsinta

    • Lightly sweetened chewy steamed rice cake with ube and langka flavor best complimented with caramel dip
    • 42 pieces
    • serves 8-12 persons
    • Shelf Life: best consumed within 24 hrs; 3-5 days with refrigeration
    • Handling: keep away from direct exposure to sunlight/heat
    • Allergen: milk