About US

Dolores "Aling Dolor" Santos

We are a family owned business, popularly known for the colorful, festive delicacy in a round red box called Assorted Kakanin. Our product is commonly referred to as, Sapin-Sapin, which is the most favorite and popular flavor.

It’s humble beginnings started in Concepcion, Malabon around the 1930’s by Dolores Molina Santos. She was an apprentice of her kakanin-maker aunt, Irene Molina-Javier. Being the breadwinner of the family, Dolor, as fondly called by relatives, thought of selling kakanin to sustain her family’s everyday needs. She headed the production of native delicacies and sold their products in the neighborhood and local market. Tasks were divided among the siblings, as the eldest, Dolor cooked and served as the over-all in-charge. Her sister Apolonia, was her right-hand assistant in marketing, cooking, and selling of the finished products at Malabon Central Market on weekdays, La Loma Cockpit on weekends and constantly supplies snacks for San Jose Seminary for decades.

The first products were sapin-sapin, kalamay kutsinta, kalamay ube, kamoteng kahoy, kalamay mais, biko, puto galapong, bibingkang galapong, kutsintang bilog, maja blanca, biko-pinipig, bikong malagkit, biko-monggo, bibingkang tinapay (bread pudding), tibok-tibok, akai-akai (botse with monggo), okoy, valencia, panara and palitaw. Due to the continuous demand, Dolor® ‘s was formally established in the late 70’s.

Through word of mouth and referrals, Dolor® ‘s original commissary’s known as “kamalig” became the culinary landmark beside the Immaculate Concepcion Church, where parishioners, church goers and visitors started to place orders most especially when telephone was readily available. High-profile personalities and celebrities such as Doña Purita Ponce-Enrile, Engracia Reyes of Aristocrat, Don Tobias Marcelo, and Doña Concepcion Paez-Cruz were the customers who bought bulk orders of kakanin on gatherings and special occasions, most specially during Christmas holidays as presents to family, friends, and business associates. Restaurants, hotels, private civic establishments alike started to purchase kakanin for their Filipiñana dessert. These were The Plaza, Triple V and Kamayan Restaurant, Hilton Manila, Hyatt Manila, Intercon Hotel, Manila Hotel, Philippine Plaza Hotel, Pansit ng Taga Malabon, Ang Tunay na Pansit Malabon, and Sulo Hotel to name a few. At present we are the native Filipino dessert supplier of Maxims Hotel, Marriott Hotel and some known caterers in the country.

Original Dolor®’s is well known for its colorful and festive round red box of assorted kakanin that comprises of six flavors – the best-seller Sapin-Sapin, Kalamay Ube, Kalamay Mais, Kalamay Kutsinta, Kamoteng Kahoy, and Biko. Ellen Santos David-Jacinto, the eldest daughter of Apolonia, was the prodigy of Aling Dolor. She dedicated her life assisting her aunt Dolor and mother Apolonia in preparing, cooking, and selling these native delicacies. She revived some of aling Dolor’s time tested recipes like Okoy, Bibingkang Malagkit, Tibok-Tibok and Akai-Akai (botse with monggo). She also introduced other best sellers such as Pitsi-Pitsi with cheese, Ube Halaya, Cassava Cake, Puto Bagets, Flavored Puto, Black Kutsinta, Kutsinta Medley, Ube Kutsinta, Puto-Kutsinta, Maja Blanca, Pansit Malabon, Okoy, and Rellenong Bangus. Her passion in cooking, hard work and dedication were the key in preserving the legacy and “true original taste” of Aling Dolor’s products most specially the best-seller assorted kakanin flavors – Sapin-Sapin, Kalamay Ube, Kalamay Mais, Kalamay Kutsinta, Kamoteng Kahoy, and Biko to this date. She kept the tradition but at the same time incorporated new
technology that helped improved faster and efficient production. She was very meticulous in outsourcing the best quality ingredients to maintain and improve the quality of the products specially the Assorted Kakanin. This led to the recognition of becoming Alaska Milk Corporation’s co-branding partner for the past 8 years to present. Both Original Dolor®’s and Alaska Milk Corporation give top grade quality products for their clients throughout the decades.

The original “kamalig” is presently the commissary of Original Dolor®’s, to this day stands beside Immaculate Concepcion Church. We are recognized as one of the culinary heritage of the Malabon City’s Department of Tourism Tricycle Tour. We take pride to be one of the products that is associated with Malabon City.

Original Dolor®’s has 2 branches Sentro (Main), along Gov. Pascual Ave., Baritan Malabon and Congressional Ave. Quezon City.
Deliveries are available daily within Metro Manila and some parts of GMA – Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal.